Friday, October 31, 2008

Hallelujah 2008

Daddy just wouldn't join the Steeler bandwagon
Great bowling game
He was a trooper he wore his Steeler stuff but he wanted Bears like his daddy
Cake walk anyone?
Me & Toni
She called out all the winners of the cake walk
He was such a ham all night
Toni & Laura
Bryan played our music on his ipod for the cake walk
Our cake walk ladies
It's the Cliftons (Chris was doing security)
Cute little friends Hannah & Meghan
The beginning of a life long friendship
Look how handsome he is I love him
Josh thought he would just climb inside and get it in the hole
Our kitchen crew
Amy & Lisa such sweet ladies (hey Amy God Loves you)
The Mohlines
Dawson & Dilon
Go Luke!
I hope he makes it
Favorite game of the night
Hockey rocks
Too much cuteness in one picture
Drea & Bryan
Brian & Michael
Tonight was so much fun! Lots of games, food, jump toys, slides , face painting, crafts, pictures, cake walk, chili cook off just plain old fun. This year I entered the chili contest and placed 3rd there was some good chili to test. The kids had a great time and came home exhausted. A fun time was to be had by all. Joshua was a total ham when it came to the camera and Hannah well not so much. I talked to a couple who lived in the neighborhood and dressed up and came to see what was going on and they loved it, they told me we did an amazing job and they were so impressed I invited them to come to church and try out the church I hope they come. I saw lots of kids there from Rosefield and lots of people who didn't go to our church what a great event to reach out to our community. OH yeah and I loved the theme.

Run a good race & finish well

Thank you Lord

Today I left to take my children to school then off to the store before returning home to start my chili for Hallelujah, I needed to do a load of laundry and was going to put it in the washer before I left but ran out of time and off I went. I came home and started the chili and realized my ground beef was still a little frozen so I put it in the microwave on defrost and was sitting there waiting thinking that when It was done and I got the chili in the crock pot I would put my laundry in the washer and take a shower but I realized I was sitting there wasting time waiting when I could be doing my laundry, so I put in the laundry and continued with my chili. I then was talking on the phone with Brian when I heard this very loud squeaky noise in my house and when I went to find it I followed the noise to my laundry room which was full of smoke and realized my washer was burning up so I hurried and shut if off and unplugged it. I then realized if I would have done laundry while I was at the store or waited until I was in the shower I could have had a fire on my hands. So thank you Lord for ordering my day and keeping me from what could have been a bad thing. Let us not forget to cover this day in prayer.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Football Practice

One of the risks of playing football you get kicked in the mouth
You get a fat lip
Still cute even with a fat lip
She settled for game boy with friends for the rest of the practice
Joshua played with Chad while Hannah rested with the Harrels

Monday, October 27, 2008


OK I have been tagged by Erica to play this game so here I go. Make a list 7 random/weird facts about myself, I can't imagine this is going to be easy.
1) I sleep with the TV on every night and so do my kids. (It drives my husband crazy) I need the light and the sound to fall asleep.
2) I can share anything I am drinking with others except milk. The thought of someone else drinking my milk even my own children grosses me out.
3) I own a Ben Roethlesburger wallet ( I love the Steelers)
4) I had a baby when I was 40.
5) I have been singing on a worship team for 20 years now.
6) I wake up at 3am almost every morning (without and alarm clock) check on my kids, pray then go back to sleep.
7) My favorite sandwich is fresh tomatoes on wheat bread with Miracle Whip.
OK there you go 7 things now it's my turn to tag 7 other people. So Monica (ourkrazzylife) , Lauren (Sissy23), Michelle (blessedbeyondblessed), Susan (Susanzplace), Julee (discoveringnathan), Stephanie (fourfinns) and Sheri (nashfamilyjournye) consider yourself tagged. Sorry I am not that exciting.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Donuts, Mexcian food and Pizza

Donuts from Jaxx Donuts they make the best maple bars anywhere
Real authentic Mexican food from Los Gallos
Chicago style pizza from Tony's of little Italy
Three things that are hard to find in Arizona good Mexican food, donuts & good pizza. We made sure before we left California we got all three. Jaxx Donuts makes the best maple bars all their donuts are fresh and delicious, next authentic Mexican food this a little restaurant family owned and ran with some of the best Mexican food I have ever had and last Tony of Little Italy's Chicago style pizza Tony has owned and operated this for 27 years it is by far the best pizza anywhere. Tony makes a thick pizza with all the toppings on the bottom then the cheese, sauce and last Parmesan cheese. Brian has to have one of these every time we are there.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fall Break part 4 Disneyland

Dale and the kids
Mr. Drew helped get in Aaron, Le & Malia for free he is such a sweet man
Hannah in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle
Le, Malia & Joshua
You are never too old to ride the carousel
Such a sweet picture
Aaron was chosen to go up on stage and battle the Jedi
Le & Aaron in Astro Blaster
Go get em Aaron
Hannah & Josh concentrating
wasn't Joshuas happiest moment of the day
Hannah drove mom she said it's not as easy as it looks
looking into Minnie Mouses mirror
being cute
Hannah & Malia
It's a date with Hannah chaperoning
Josh was hot so he got up here took off his flip flops and stuck his feet in to cool off
They are so sweet together
It's a Mickey Pumpkin
My sweet friend Linda ask me if she could get me and the kids in to Disneyland for free so she blessed us and Drew got Le, Aaron & Malia in and we all had a fun day. It was very hot though and lots of people (we went on Saturday) It was a little hard having 4 kids who were all different ages and different interests but we still managed to have a good time. This was the end of our fall break and then we headed back to AZ. We had a great week and kept busy but I was looking forward to going home and relaxing. Thanks Aaron, Le and Malia for spending the day with us. We love you all.