Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kids Kastle Pell City Alabama

All of us at Kids Kastle
The kids rock climbing
Loving the slide
Being silly
Too cute
Just hanging out
He wanted to hang out too
Trying out their balance
Joshua on the tire swing
Making Aunt Laurie work hard
Aunt Laurie enjoying her nephew
Go Hannah & daddy
They just kept spinning and loving it
Leaving the park
Joshua got a parting gift he slipped and fell.
There was this really fun park for the kids that Laurie took us too and the kids loved it. They played for a long time and didn't want to leave.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Yard Sale for retreat

Chelsea & I
Christy sorting things out
Isn't he cute
Keep looking
Debbie holding things for a lady who was shopping
Rosy & Kristy checking things out
Joan looking for more money to keep shopping
Today was a little slow but people kept coming
Rosy watching over things
Checking things out
Christy & Chelsea
Cheryl checking things out
Kristy checking out a stepping stool to see if it was sturdy
Chelsea making a sale
Today was our annual yard sale to raise money for retreat we had lots of fun and met lots of people. The fellowship among our ladies made getting up at 5am well worth it. I am looking forward to our next one.

Cal Ripkin/Babe Ruth Parade at the Stadium

Hannah plays for the Sooners & Joshua the Huskies
A little blurry sorry
My little all star
Joshua's first year playing T-ball
Pat & Jillian (Our asst. coach & daughter)
Lilly, Hunter, Joshua & Benjamin (these kids are in Joshua's class at school)
Benjamin, Joshua, Hunter, Lilly, & Hayden (Kids in his class)
Brian & some of our T-ball kids
Some of our girls softball team with asst. coach Pat
Joshua walking through the tunnel
On our way out of the tunnel to the field
Walking onto the field
parading around the field
Hannah & some of our girls
These 6 men were watering home plate before the game
Brian & the kids
Yes my husband is sporting a goatee
Hannah & some of the Sooners
peeking around the corner
Hannah & Jillian
Today was the Cal Ripkin/Babe Ruth parade at the stadium before the Rangers/Rockies game we only had half of our T-ball team and Half of our girls softball team show up but we still had fun. Brian walked with Joshua's T-ball team the Huskies with our other asst. coach and I walked with Hannah's team with our other asst. coach . It was a very hot day but the kids had fun being down on the field.