Saturday, May 31, 2008

Hannah's last day of 2nd grade

Hannah's last day of second grade. OH yeah and she got straight A's
Hannah & Alyssa one of her good friends. They had a water balloon fight so they had to change thier clothes that's why a differnt outfit for Hannah than we started with.
Hannah & Parker. Parker was the little boy we all prayed for who was hit by a car.
Ms. Kyle & Hannah. What a great teacher we will miss her so much.
Hannah Mi. & Hannah Mo. They have been together since 1st grade
Zack, Crayton & Hannah what a combo. Crayton & Hannah got student of the month together.
Savannah & Hannah
Mrs. Lugo one of the aides at school. She is awesome. We just love her.
The first official picture of a 3rd grader. Let summer begin. Yeah!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Prayer Request

One of our dear sweet friends and pastors from Calvary Chapel East Anaheim Pastor Maury Evans his dear sweet wife Peggy went home to be with Jesus this morning. Peggy was a perfect example of a godly woman and will be missed by all who know her. This is a great loss for our family, the church family at CCEA and for all who knew her. There is rejoicing going on in heaven today.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hannah's Softball is over

The plaque that was given to Brian and I from the parents on our team
She finished her season with 10 wins 2 losses & 2 ties
The end result of a great season

Hannah & some of our girls. We had a great season and we had a great time. What an amazing bunch of girls and parents. Brian and I feel so blessed to have coached this team, the parents got together and had a plaque made for Brian and I to show their appreciation it was so sweet. Our girls did a great job congratulations Crimson Tide. Next Joshua starts basketball in July we'll keep you updated.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Thank You Elissa

Elissa gave the kids these glasses in their goody bags from Tessa's party, Joshua loves them.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Itty Bitty Beach Party

Surprise Aquatic Center Party
Ready to take on the pool
ready to follow Joshua

Jordan swimming in the deep end what a little fish she is

Joshua got a little cold so he needed to warm up
Jordan & Luke doing the limbo
Laura looking on while Jordan limbos
Luke has his own idea on how to get under the limbo bar

Luke & Josh doing crafts
Jordan making her back pack
Mommy made Joshua a back pack
Julie & Luke working hard on Lukes back pack
Go Jordan! She must have learned this from Matt

Today the city of Surprise had their annual Itty Bitty Beach Party for kids 6 months to 6 years old. There was swimming, crafts, games & raffle the kids had a great time. We have had very hot 100+ degree weather the last few days until today it was about 70, overcast and kind of cool. However it didn't keep Joshua or the other kids out of the water. Fun day!

He is growing up too fast

Look at this cute kid
Getting ready for the day
On our way to San Diego we stopped at my sisters and stayed at hotel Richardson we only had a few hours there but anytime I can spend with them I will take. My nephew is growing up so fast he is almost 11 now, I hate the fact that I am missing him growing up I was next door to him for the first 8 years now I've been gone for almost 3.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sea World Day 1

We are ready to head out to Sea World
My cute little penguins
and their parents
See this drop in the back ground my son well all of us rode this once each day
Helicopter simulator this was lots of fun

Joshua was having a moment mommy & daddy didn't help they were laughing at him
Just sun bathing
looking at the world upside down
Fire one
another shot of the sea lion & otter show (my kids favorite we went both days)

Sea World was so much fun but very hot. The first day we spent 6 hours here they also have a 4D Elmo movie you get to see it was awesome. You get sprayed with water and your chair moves and you get air shot at you it was great wearing those glasses and thinking that the things in the movie were coming out at you, they even had bubbles fall from the ceiling during the bubble bath scene very cute. We found a great BBQ place inside Sea World to eat lunch great food, lots of food and very reasonable Yummy! We had a great day and were excited to be going back for day 2. Unless you get there when it opens at 9am & leave at 9pm you can't see everything that's there so you need another day. The kids had a great time and mommy and daddy had fun watching them.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Sea World Day 2

Watching the shows
The pet show very cute
Mommy & Hannah taking break
The kids after a long day
There we are AZ and just to the right of it CA
Hannah & the Baluga whale
Shamoo & his trainer it was a great show
The Sea Lion & Otter show
Dolphins in unison
Let's go home or should I say to the beach

Day 2 at Sea World we tried to see all the things we missed on day one. We spent 5 hours here the second day it was so hot and we were ready to go find the beach and cool off. We got the fun pass so we can go anytime we want for the rest of the 2008 year and not have to pay. We are hoping to go again later in the year.