Thursday, July 17, 2014

Family Cruise Thanksgiving 2013

 Mom and Dad took the family on a cruise over Thanksgiving to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.
 Mom waiting for the shuttle to take us to the ship with Josh, Eve and Hannah
 Beautiful sunset as we started out the Florida Coast
 Colin & Joshua on our dress up dinner night they look so handsome
 Mom and Dad looking good celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary
 Brian and I at our dress up night. We are looking all pretty.
 Todd and Laura looking so nice!
 Hannah and Eve they look beautiful! The oldest & youngest grandaughters
 Look at my handsome boy he looks great.
 The two men in my life my wonderful husband and son.
 Mommy and her babies. They are growing up too fast.
 The love of my life I am so blessed.
 Laura & Todd we had so much fun spending time with them
 Mom and Brian her oldest son don't they look alike?
 Imitating the tiki pole

 Our ship the Carnival Dream such a nice ship
 Leaving cape Canaveral
 Dad my wonderful father in law and I at dinner one night
 Colin showing off his talents
 Now it's Hannah's turn
 He is not a baby anymore this used to be so easy to do.
 My beautiful daughter she looked so pretty
 Brian and his shadow she loves her daddy
 Joshua is just as talented as Colin and Hannah
 My boys they are too cute
 Grandma, Eve, Laura Colin and Joshua
 Waiting for the shuttle
 Hannah & Eve on the shuttle
 Joshua & Colin on the shuttle
 looking over the balcony watching mom take a picture next door
 The boys chatting it up at dinner
 Selfies of Hannah & I
 Eve and Uncle Brian

 Mom looking so happy to be with her family
 Brian on stage of family feud
 Todd on stage of family feud
 There I am on stage of family feud
 One of the many towel animals found on our bed at night
 Mom and her granddaughters so much love in one picture
 What's up Joshua & Colin
 Colin was singing his heart out.
 Grandpa having fun with Colin
 Favorite dessert chocolate melting cake with ice cream and coffee the bomb
 More towel animals
 Hannah checking out the schedule for after dinner
 Waiting for the show to start
 Looking out over our balcony
 Silly boy
 More towel animals
 Uncle Todd chilling
 Joshua enjoying his hamburger at lunch
 Life size chess pieces the kids loved this.
 Hannah loved playing the games
Josh & Daddy playing against Hannah